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05-29-2007, 05:08 AM
Club G-Spot, located on the United States tropical island of Guam, is currently hiring all nude, female dancers. We pay round trip airfare on a 3 month contract and one way airfare on a 2 month contract. We pay the dancers a salary of $450 every six nights of work. In addition to their salary, they make tips on stage; it is all nude dancing, 18 yrs. of age and up. Off stage, you can sell ladies drinks $20 and up or dances $20, $40, $50, and $300. Each drink and dance sold is split 50-50 with the club. Typically, our dancers earn $1200 to $4800 per week. We also provide a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo for your stay, with two dancers per bedroom. Dancers on contract usually work 5-6 shifts per week. Shifts are 7pm to 2am, Sunday through Thursday and 7pm to 4am Fridays, Saturdays, and pre-holiday nights. If you would like to pursue a job with Club G-Spot, please send one current close up headshot and 2-3 full length body shots, front side and backside, either nude or thong or bikini bottom, taken in front of a white wall background. If you have some photos that you think would be acceptable for this job, go ahead and send those.
Please remember that Guam is a U.S. destination that does NOT require a passport, only a state issued ID. Guam is tropical, maintaining a year around temperature of 80-90 degrees. If you like white sand beaches, waterfalls/hiking, and excellent water sports, this is the place for you. Guam is a SAFE destination with U.S. laws and U.S. law enforcement.
Check out or for more info. about Guam,
[email protected] or
Hiring Hotline: 671-649-7409
Thank you,
Chris Fernandez
Club G-Spot, Guam, USA