View Full Version : Looking for Dancers for great work!

06-15-2007, 08:49 AM
We are a NYC based entertainment agency hiring a few girls for weekend bachelor parties. If you've been working in a club without making much money for your shifts plus paying house fees this is a good alternative for you. If you want to make $1000-3000+ and up working Friday & Sat nights.

We cater to an affluent group of clientele and have 80% party bookings in Manhattan. We are looking for attractive girls who are in great shape. At this time we are especially looking for blonde /brunettes and Latinas although we do hire all looks but are looking mostly for White Hot women.

We are a private company and generally keep a small group of girls really busy rather than over hiring. Most of the girls that work with us are in school or are pursuing careers that require a flexible Mon-Friday and only work weekends. We have a busy summer ahead and a lot of work for the right girls. If you are interested in doing bachelor parties whether you're experienced or eager to learn the ropes contact us today with some information about yourself. We will contact you and answer any questions you may have. Experience is not necessary but reliability is. This is totally nude, and will have toy sex acts, but ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL SEX IS INVOLVED AT ANY TIME NOR WILL BE TOLERATED. This agency is NOT an escort service.

contact at [email protected]