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    You should look at sites that have a good spread of customers in Europe and the US so you can have demand whenever suits you,
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  4. B_Blake's Avatar
    How much money is each token actually giving the girls? What kind of averages did you guys have there? How often were you working and is it hard to gain clients?
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    I've worked on myfreecams a year ago and now i'm doesn't matter because there are people with all different time zones too and there are people on all hours of the day and night on that site. Don't get me wrong there are times when its more dead than others but their is always customer potential!
  6. MelissaBlade's Avatar
    I worked for MyFreeCams for a while and I thought they had one of the best splits (50%) and they were always good about payment.

    The big complaint many girls have is that so many models do free masturbation shows, which is technically against MFC rules (and the law) but MFC just turns a blind eye. The free shows definitely are a deterrant for a guy to pay for a private one. I got out of camming to do body rubs because it's much more money, but I know some of the other MFC models also joined and skinvideo (i think that's the name).

    In short, yet you can sign up for a couple of them. To a certain extent, it will be your preference but ALWAYS find out the split up front and make sure you are not signing up with a studio. Good luck!!!!!!
  7. LilithAmadea's Avatar
    Would you recommend myfreecams? Because I'm also getting ready to sign up for it. From what I've read, it seems ok and a friend of mine is also thinking about joining. And is it ok to sign up for more than one site?
  8. MelissaBlade's Avatar
    I used to work for MFC and no, it won't affect your money.

    Melissa Blade
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    I'm not to sure suga? wish I could help, however if you they do mess around with your money sign up with you won't get any issues like that there xx
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    Check out and I will check out that site