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  1. History of dance shoes: 1982 to present

    (Again, I've been M.I.A. I've been @ Coachella and Vegas. Interesting times at both).

    But I'm here now. When I first started dancing, the highest heels I wore were all of 3 inches with no platform whatsoever. They were usually pumps. I recall I did have a pair of the infamous Frederick's of Hollywood mules which were strapless with the fuzzy feathers on the foot band. I believe I had some maryjanes too.

    Around 1985-86, I added ankle socks into the mix.
  2. I Know I've Been MIA:-(

    I cant' believe it's been a month since I've posted, but it has been. My energy was completely centered on a recital given by the dance studio that I work out in. I'm in an advanced pole class. Our choreographer/ instructor is a well known acrobat in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area. I was very honored to be chosen by her to be in her routine. Everybody wanted to work with her. She had nearly 16 dancers at first. Then she started asking if they could do certain core moves like an aerial shoulder ...