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    I would love to go to this. I love burlesque!!
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    Informative post about the "Dance Styles from 1982". Do you a dancer or just write it as well?
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    I haven't visited in a while. Google it , I think?
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    Wow, you give me Inspiration. I retired from dancing two years ago, mentally drained and I had become quite an alcoholic. Im 2 years sober never did drugs just drank. Im 36. I work as a shot girl a normal job for 18 year olds here in Dallas. But I do well. It completely reminds me of Dancing though and I started thinking. I wasted so many years and so much $( I danced In vegas for Almost all 16 years. ) Why not give it another go around with my experience , and clear head I could really kick ass. My body is better than it was at 21. Ive always been a husler. So I decided last week to do some travel dancing on my days off I only work Fri and Sat as a shot girl. So my friend and I; she is 30. Decided on New Orleans for the 3rd week in February any advice??????? Please A little nervous!
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    My gosh! 50 years! That is incredible! And the same management, that is absolutely legendary. The club I was working in closed last June. I believe they had close to 35 yrs. with the same owners. The $$ was getting bad, but the owners were very cool to the dancers. Hope you're well:-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaVaughn
    That sounds like such a blast! I would have loved to go to that!
    It was really awesome:-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MediMax
    OMG baby just listening to your really well written posts has me scratching my head wondering how good u must look and disbelieving that you are over 50. I'm an old dude and I always luv the younger stripper girls and crave what they got but I can never have. I've always made the cutoff for older dancers I pursue to be in their mid 2 late 30s. I have read a bunch of ur blogging. Something tells me I may be missing out by not tasting the sumptuous older fruit. I am an old bay area guy myself. I'm going 2 track down ur act the next time I visit SF and slide by the PP if all those younger bitches haven't chased you away by then. You seem really hot 2 me!
    Hi- I just saw this. I haven't worked in Nor Cal for years. I've been in LA for a while now. I still dance and I'm an aerial dancer as well, getting booked in posh clubs in Los Angeles.

    Everyone has their taste. Younger women don't think I'm a threat to them, so they don't chase me away, lol. Thanks for your reply.


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    OMG Its rocking! your mama was crying

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    That sounds like such a blast! I would have loved to go to that!
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