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  1. Shit movie, but gears turning

    So, I just watch The Circle, that one movie with Emma Watson that disappeared. There's a good reason why. The plot ended terribly!!

    But it gave me a few ideas about my whole camming thing. I already broadcast some of the most intimate parts of me. Why not do it a bit more intimately? I don't mean do more sexual things. I mean, do more normal things.

    Like this: let them watch me eat. Let them watch a movie with me. Go outside with me through snapchat. See videos of me ...
  2. Progress!

    I have blown up since I got the lush. I expected as much. I didn't expect to get such great people viewing me though. I see theuir names pop up and I get happy. We build relationships together. They drive me to keep going, to keep posting media, and to keep pushing my limits. Love them.

    Now I have to edit a video I made. It was fun shooting it, but took a bit of time to get the camera angles right. I guess I'll get better at this as I go?
  3. Lush, first day

    I got it in the mail today! Only took two days to ship from canada to Nevada, which is CRAZY! But it's super good, clean, waterproof. The app is a bit wonky with connecting, but I got the hang of it after like twenty minutes. I was only on for an hour, but I made about $25! That's pretty good in my book.

    My new computer isn't as great as I thought it would be. The coonnection is so weird, and it'll blue screen sometimes...... I am wonderring if I should turn it in or not. I have two ...
  4. Lovense Lush

    I just ordered mine today! I can't wait to use it and get hella tips! They just shipped it today, I want to see how long it will take to get here. I only paid $5 for shipping, so probably a week or so.

    Have you guys used this toy? What's your experience with it? I see most girls using it just sit there and take it and they get tonsss of tips. But.... I'm new. How should I go about this?

    Also, the boyfriend says he thinks I'm good at camming! I'm so happy <3
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  5. Always in a positive mood

    Even when it's slow, I'll eat a hot pocket. Or paint my toenails. Talk about sexual things and stuff.

    Just keep them talking and interested in sex and you as a person as well.

    Someone completed one of my goals in one tip though, I should crank it up a bit so I can spend more time on cam without losing an objective. I was already naked in an hour, and had cum like thirty minutes later. Then didn't have anything to do lol.

    So i'll make my goals a lot bigger, ...
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