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  1. MFC Camscore???

    So what effects your camscore more - time spent online, or tips in that time?

    What effects Miss Myfreecams ranking? Time or tips?

    I'm trying to figure it out. I don't think I'm a "new" model anymore, so I need to adjust. I have adjusted my tipping games and goals, so I am getting more money. But my camscore doesn't even budge more than 5 points. My ranking is going up though. I'm currently #4901. So I am thinking that has to do with time spent on cam.
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  2. Progress! Onwards and upwards

    I'm making progress very steadily. I had a show today, and I was so excited to drink on cam. Tip for shots! Get me drunk.
    Although I only took three shots, it was still an amazing time! A guy came into the chatroom and told us about a game to play. tip to either speed up, slow down, or stop my playing with myself. It was a genius idea! I made so much money after he came in. So much. I was surprised it worked so well. I'm gonna keep that game from now on.

    My friend is a mod in ...
  3. First day on MFC stats

    So I think I did pretty good!
    I got 1,282 tokens in about two and a half hours
    My camscore is 1035 (how is this affected and how do I help it?)
    I've been rated by 15 ppl already, avg 4.5 stars
    And my miss free cams score is 14579, not really worried about that for now though.

    Am I doing okay? Could I do better? It was my first day.
  4. Signed up with MFC!!

    I was on Chaturbate ALL DAY today, only made about $40.

    From one guy.

    I feel bad about this, but it is hump day, which is usually pretty slow.

    But everyone and their dog is using MFC, so I might as well too, right?

    I know I have to be consistent with the first two weeks to get my cam score up. I have read up on that, I have to be online like ALL THE TIME. Which is fine by me. I have an actual job, but besides that I can be on a lot. So I'll ...
  5. Making progress

    I'm loving this camgirl business. Even though I don't have much right now. I only have 35 followers on twitter, about 100 viewers avg on chaturbate, I only make about $20 a day BUT I am enjoying it. And I will be dedicating more of my time to it soon.

    My boyfriend knows, btw. He is supportive of it, but thinks of it as just a "hobby" right now. I'm trying to explain the equation of it all, and if I just dedicate time to it, I can make a lot more. So he suggested I take a ...
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