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  1. Hef Accused of Blocking Playboy Sale

    So here we have Hef 82 years old, still trying to control Playboy. Well the facts are simple, Hef is majority stock holder, the founder of Playboy, and old.

    Hef is accused of blocking two sales attempts of Playboy Inc. The straw that broke the camels back in both deals was dealing with Hef who wants to still live in the Mansion and have the Magazine still taking care of the expenses. What that means is Hef does not want to give up the life style he is use to living. Hef is an Iconic ...
  2. Goldfinger Strip Club in Process of Foreclosure.

    South Florida Business Journal stated that Michael Del Percio and Leonard Del Percio operators of MCJC Development, IGF Entertainment which owns Goldfinger have gotten foreclosure documents filed against them from JC Investments.

    JC Investments who holds the mortgage for Goldfinger Strip Club located at 8340 Resource Dr West Palm Beach, Florida 33404.

    The Percios use to own all the Goldfingers in South Florda: Goldfinger - Sunrise and
    Goldfinger South - Cutler ...
  3. Playboy lost another buyer

    Playboy is trying to find a buyer to pay what it is telling everyone it is worth. Funny part is the company keeps posting massive losses in the 10s of millions. Not something any company can really say is a good deal.

    The latest plan was to divide Playboys assets up between three companies. Once again even as you divide up the company is each piece value as good as the whole?

    Well no its not, and this is why the deal has died. In the end those wanting to buy a piece of ...
  4. Will History Repeat Itself?

    In tersting Column I read today and thought I would share it with all of you comparing Carters time in office to Obama. This far its not good for America from what I can see.


    J. Randolph Evans
    Column No. 972 (7/10/09)
    President Obama's approval ratings are in a steady decline. There is
    precedent for ...

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  5. An Opinion of Age 18 or 21?

    I read today this wonderful opinion(INSERT SARCASM HERE PLEASE) of one person in the AJC(Atlanta Journal Constitution) which speaks about what the right age to be an exotic dancer should be. From what I gather this individual is from Sandy Springs, which is very conservative area outside of Atlanta. In his opinion anyone under 21 should not be allowed to dance as an entertainer within a strip club/gentlemens club as the currently enforced law states.

    He also goes on to make some remarks ...

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