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    Hef is an old chap who has enjoyed his whole life in a mansion, why don't you stop thinking about the issue and have some fun from here
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    I guess I need to write an updated piece on this subject. This law has since been over turned. A group of entertainers who could no longer work due to this law filed a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta and won.
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    Ah...I agree with you. People are on another planet sometimes. Sheesh.
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    I have delt with Ricks stock since 2003 around 2.45 a share. In Dec 28 2007 was its peak at 28.25 was the end of the climb. After that the gig was up and Ricks slid into the pits of hell!

    The company is so over rated and over pumped on hipe its not funny. The stock is not worth crap in my opinion because only two clubs actually produce a real cash flow while the rest make cash flow but not profit. Mis-management and waste runs out of control.

    So reality 2003-2005 was the buy time and sell was 2008. This company is going to eventually be shown for what it really is and then it will fade away finally!
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    As an update, March 2009 was the best time to buy RICK stock!
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    You can add me to your list. I've raised 2 awesome kids & been the perfect booster club mom AND started working on my master's degree since I stopped dancing. But guess what- I'm going back so I'll have soome money while I'm in school lol.
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    Old news now: Capt. Phillips is home, 3 pirates shot dead & 1 in captivity awaiting piracy charges. More recently, an Italian cruise ship chose to hire armed Israeli security team, who successfully repulsed a pirate attack.

    Outcome/eventual execution good, but agree with gist that it really should not have dragged on as long as it did. The US Navy can't be everywhere at once for everybody- ultimately, ships need to arm themselves & exercise their right to defend themselves on high seas. When pirates realize that going after shipping isn't going to be the cakewalk that they've been presented with up to now, they'll think twice about attacking ships. Some will say, "the pirates will just escalate things". How so??- pirate skiffs aren't exactly the USS New Jersey. If they were to do something more gauche, that would serve to drum up stronger international support for sending ground forces into Somalia against the pirate training bases, plus proactive attacks against the pirate "mother ships".
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    Yes Maxim, FHM, GQ etc... sales are so far down that many print formats are going to die of a slow death. Penthouse has never recovered after its bankruptcy and is still below 1 million a year.
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    Its funny I cannot get the author of the seeking alpha article to respond to my response like he has done in the past making a positive spin out of my negatives.. This time I think he has been painted into a corner.

    Currently Ricks is trading well below 3.00 a share and its cap rate has now dropped to 23 Million.
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    bottom line is that, just like low contact dances at live clubs, 'soft core' product is becoming increasingly difficult to sell.
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    a far more interesting statistic is that net profit margin has fallen to 4.56%, that cash flow is negative, and that a significant amount of existing corporate debt needs to be rolled over this year ... meaning that any significant drop in customer spending may quickly put Ricks underwater !

    I wouldn't touch this stock with YOUR 10 foot pole !
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    Well there are two ways to balance state budgets ... raise taxes or cut spending. California has just agreed to do the former, while Kansas has just agreed to do the latter.
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    I think they are trying to balance the budget. So many states have their taxes linked to property and now with the dipping property values everywhere, there isn't any more income to cover schools, police, fire and other essential services.

    To balance the budget they may have to do something drastic like California did, setting prisoners free because there is no more money to house them and pay the jailers etc.
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    Yes Vegas is a mess. The condo market it flooded! MGMs Project City Center is now an eye sore for the city. None the less it would be nice if MGM would at least finish off the exterior facing the strip so tourist will not see a rusting steel frame.
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    Room rate offers are amazing right now. Casinos are obviously hurting. I'm getting comp offers from places where I never even gamble. With Encore opening and Fontainebleau coming soon, room rates should continue to plummet as this economy spirals downward. It's sad.

    If MGM's Project City Center ever gets finished, it will flood the hotel and condo market even more. Isn't Trump's tower still sitting there half-empty? Last visit, I saw those Planet Hollywood condo towers...bad time to be completing those babies. It's a crazy time in LV, for sure.
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    No worries for Californians ... Obama's stimulus spending bill includes tens of billions of federal taxpayer dollars that will be handed over to California (and New York and other 'blue states)


    (snip)"One of the ugliest aspects of the stimulus package is a bailout for spendthrift state legislatures. Remember the old fable about the ant and the grasshopper? In Aesop’s version, the happy-go-lucky grasshopper realizes the error of his ways when winter comes and he goes hungry while the industrious ant lives on his stores. In Obama’s version, the federal government levies a tax on the ant and redistributes his wealth to the party-hearty grasshopper, who just happens to belong to a government-employees’ union. This happens through something called the “State Fiscal Stabilization Fund,” by which taxpayers in the states that have exercised financial discipline are raided to subsidize Democratic-leaning Electoral College powerhouses—e.g., California—that have spent their way into big trouble."(snip)

    (snip)"In sum, this is an $80 billion boondoggle that is going to reward the irresponsible and help state governments evade a needed reordering of their financial priorities. And the money has to come from somewhere: At best, we’re just shifting money around from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, robbing a relatively prudent Cheyenne to pay an incontinent Albany. If we want more ants and fewer grasshoppers, let the prodigal governors get a little hungry"(snip)
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    nothing is wrong with this picture ... any more than there's nothing wrong with Charlie Rangel / Tim Geithner / Tom Daschle (and a huge unpublicized list of many other uber rich / professional politicians including the owners of the 600 private jets which flew into Washington for Obama's inauguration) avoiding the very income taxes they are voting to increase for everyone else !

    Bottom line ... there are three 'classes' of people in the USA ... the rich ruling elite (who make up the rules as they go along), the working poor (who owe their standard of living to gov't handouts approved by the rich ruling elite), and the middle class (who actually wind up paying most of the tab).
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    Hypocritical bastards!
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    love the blog!