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  1. Great (not)

    So one asshole tried to rape me at work yesterday. Cross your fingers all of you and pray for whichever deity you believe in that I didn't get anything nasty from him. I have work today and tomorrow and then I have many days off and I'm thinking of getting myself tested just in case.

    On the other hand the next customer was extremely nice and in a way got me to believe again that gentlemens exist.
  2. My 1. blog entry!

    Tomorrow I'll go to work as well as on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That'll be the first time for me to work more than two days in a row. Hopefully there'll be lots of (nice and generous) custies, hehe, and that my back stays in one piece. It's always been a bit sore after a shift, due to heels and me not being that used to them.

    I've been more tensed up after visiting my parents. It's not their fault, I think it's because of an issue (very small thing for most but for me the source ...

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