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  1. Gordon Roy Parker.........

    I just read the thread about this guy that is now locked. I know I'm totally way late but I'm not always reading everything posted.

    This guy contacted me a year ago and insulted me, my lifestyle and my husband and now I know who he is and why he did it.

    I hope he never, ever contacts me again. It was on myspace.

    Thank goodness I never leave personal info on my pages. Most people don't even have my current email address only a few select family members. ...
  2. heh? lol

    i think someone is pmsin' just a little bit too much.

    and it aint me.

    oh life, you make me laugh.

    now i have more important things to tend to.

    like this new work out regimen im trying.

    its from the makers of that P90X thing and its called INSANITY. If I die I shall haunt these boards and let you all know it is a killer. If not I shall share the results happily at the 60day mark.
  3. Why is it...

    That I have to get shit about one comment? I kept in with the thread. I want to know the difference between the materials. I didn't even know there was any others besides saline and silicone. So I explained why I don't have them, and why I don't know the difference...and yet someones attitude got the best of them and had to just say something about it. I was talking about implants... o.0.

    So I will say it LOUD AND CLEAR so everyone 'hears' me!

    IF YOU DO NOT ...
  4. Regarding my last entry lol

    Now they have resorted (well at least the one) to talking trash about me on of all places! lmao.

    Of being in the industry for three years and now being retired from it, never once was I ever talked bad about from anyone I worked with not even a customer. I only got bitchy to customers that grabbed me for obvious reasons. lol.

    One guy left something saying he was looking for where I was working or if I was even still dancing. So in turn this complete ...

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  5. omg I cannot believe her...but I can.

    Had a rather large disagreement with some old "friends" recently.

    They never ever asked how things were with me or how I was doing or what was going on in my life. I had a rant in my lj about things I was frustrated with. I really needed someone to talk to. And I really wasn't expecting anyone to read it cuz it was so long let alone reply.

    I got two replies for these two "friends".

    Well I was really down in the dumps. Could have ...
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