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  4. BayouBill's Avatar
    Please don't get a boob job. Lots of guys prefer small breasts and it is really the nipples that are the most exciting. If you're in good shape the boob size does not matter!
  5. militarywife's Avatar
    I have implants and they worked out great, you just have to do a lot of research and don't go cheap.
  6. xseline's Avatar
    Haha you are hilarious

    I actually have the opposite problem, I always liked really big boobs and now I find mine a bit too big. Downsized once and still would like another downsize but I am going to think about it a bit longer... Too much surgeries can be dangerous, and in my opinion it's better to find them a bit too small than a bit too big because you can always wear a push-up bra.
  7. CamGirlJessie's Avatar
    McDonalds lol
  8. lovelife777's Avatar
    I would like bigger titts and bigger butt. Do you have any info on where to go? live in nyc
  9. 4everresolutions's Avatar
    Tempest! Tell me more! Lol!
  10. hockeybobby's Avatar
    Awesome! We need regular fucking updates! haha
  11. pinupgurl2k6's Avatar
    I must say I also enjoyed that analogy, Tank and Blonde.
    I feel you when it comes to doing something different. The Mentally Handicapped soon to be ex-husband of mine forgot to lock my cage.

    Don't feel like a failure, your body is just fine. There is a stereotype in Florida, I have worked there, bleached out my hair to MM blonde and tanned for the first time.

    Just try talking about sex, these guys aren't looking for an in depth disscussion, they want to escape. In Florida the sleeze is hard core, just roll with it not by changing you, but changing your hustle. I am no expert, I just know Florida was a shock to me as well.

    I don't know if there is a perfect club anymore but if you find paradise let me know, I don't cut throat, I don't have to cut throat
  12. mysteryman's Avatar
    Assulting a Bradely Fighting Vehicle with a sling shot, LOL! Boy does that paint a funny image in my head! Made me laugh and spill my coffee.
    Thanks!wink wink
  13. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Searching for the perfect club in the perfect state sounds like looking for the Holy Grail. I'm looking for a good home club for me, too.

    We should hit up some clubs when you're in NOLA!
  14. pinupgurl2k6's Avatar
    I agree with you as well, club hopping is always fun I always work out the average wage. 5 hours of work, 75 for the 5 hours is 15 dollars an hour. That is better than working at K-mart, plus working your own schedule rules. Some times the pro's out weigh the con's.

    I am retired for now. Good Luck!
  15. Miss_McKenna's Avatar
    I hope it goes well for you!! I totally agree with the money thing, people presume we're either loaded, or we suck, ugh! Good luck!