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Winged Dinghy

  1. Not workin' tonight

    Just now the manager at the club I work at in Metairie called to tell me I was supposed to be coming in tonight. Eff that! I haven't made any money at that club yet ($120 for a 6 hour shift was what I'd pull), and I really don't feel like working tonight. I need to recuperate from that bachelor party. Sheesh. My hat is off to you ladies who can do those regularly. I'm just not used to it yet.

    I don't know where I'm going to work this week. I can't work tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday ...
  2. Bachelor party

    Last night I did a bachelor party. I can't quite figure out if I like doing these or not. I liked the money. S. (the woman I work for/with) handed me $250 just for showing up. Then the dudes tipped us another $250 during our show, which we split. So it came to about $375 for a show that lasted a little over an hour.

    I'm having some qualms about the show. II can't pretend that this is anything like dancing. It feels closer to prostitution than stripping. I guess I can't ignore ...

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