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    4. Enjoy life and quit worrying about the hours you work. When your Webcam Job becomes a JOB then you need to sick back and enjoy it again.
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    Earn $500 a day or more working as a webcam model!
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    Earn $500 a day or more working as a webcam model!
  15. WEB CAM's Avatar
    Earn $500 a day or more working as a webcam model!
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    WHERE are you know?..Thanx for sharing..I like to read & ended here..
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    LOL we just joined the site so that we could connect with other models who about what we all do
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    If there were a like button, I would definitely hit it on this post. * Just sayin'.*Roxie
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    yer I think its time u consider camming suga, check out you'll defo earn more than dancing plus you can pick n choose when you wish to work.... either way I wish you gudluck xx
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    I agree. Saturday nights tend to be lame, as there are usually a lot of girls and a lot of cheap asses. Though sometimes I do work these nights if I have hours to make up. This was a old post but I hope whatever routine you have right now is working for you.
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