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    That was beautiful, Morgan.
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    That was a great read.....morgan I bet u are a true gem !
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    In love with your posting Morgan, I could never agree with anyone else more than I do with you right now. I felt that stripping has given me confidence to draw lines, set boundaries and call all the shots. Not only am I more in touch with my sexuality but have learned so much about other people from conversations and I feel, as of now, that the good outweighs the people that try to push you. I wish you the best doll
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    re: (aside from the general dehumanization of the people who engage in it by those who disapprove) is that people really dont seem to be even willing to acknowledge how beautiful of an art it can be.

    Maybe it's not such a bad thing that it is not appreciated on the same level as other art forms because part of the reason that stripping is lucrative is the fact that many people don't appreciate it as an art form (I volunteer for an art organization and it's one of the hardest things to raise money for) ... keep in mind that the more conservative a society is, the more lucrative it is ... I do like the way you phrased the "Dehumanization" part ... you really nailed the most bothersome aspect of those who engage in the act of stripping ... I applaud you for having the guts to write something like this to your college ... so did you get in?
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    well hello,
    it's my first post in this community. I found it surfing on the net and I've started to be curious about it. I'm from Italy and we also have strip/night clubs and, by popular belief, they0re seen as ill reputed places. I don't think so in the end, because there has been a great roman poet, called Martial, who wrote theese words, that withstood milleniums and prejudice.
    But before posting them, I've got to give you some land marks, so you can understand what I'm talking about.
    Marcus Valerius Martialis:The author of theese lines one of the most brilliant poets of Ancient Rome.
    (this is the link on wikipedia:
    Flora: Goddess of the flowers, it holds the meaning of renewal and it's festival was held from the 28 of april untill the third of may and they were called Floralia or Ludi Floreales, during which the ancients celebrated with fun and games, the spring and the regeneration of the earth, after the rigors of winter.
    link on wikipedia:
    Marcus Porcius Cato: also known as the Censor. He was a hard mind person and saw everything that came from Greece, from philosophy to it's free morals, as a threat to the roman way of life.
    This is the link on wikipedia:

    Here they are:
    Nosses iocosae dulce cum sacrum Florae
    Festosque lusus et licentiam volgi,
    Cur in theatrum, Cato severe, venisti?
    An ideo tantum veneras, ut exires?

    Since you knew the cerimonies, dear to our festive Flora,
    the happy and wild games of the people, why have you entered in the theater, o severe Cato? Or have you enetered only to get out?
    Marcus Valerius Martialis
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    Great Essay, well written