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  1. Will Being A Cam Girl Ruin My Career [CamGirl Vlog]

  2. [Video] Success is NOT related to Education

  3. Shit movie, but gears turning

    So, I just watch The Circle, that one movie with Emma Watson that disappeared. There's a good reason why. The plot ended terribly!!

    But it gave me a few ideas about my whole camming thing. I already broadcast some of the most intimate parts of me. Why not do it a bit more intimately? I don't mean do more sexual things. I mean, do more normal things.

    Like this: let them watch me eat. Let them watch a movie with me. Go outside with me through snapchat. See videos of me ...
  4. AAre you normal or Are you weird ???

    Are you normal or Are you weird ???

    I wrote this on a forum I've been a member since 2004 where I've been a leader, coach for cam models.
    There is a huge fear in the community of cam models feeling fear of being shamed for being cam models and finally after almost 15 years some are listening .....

    For the ones where
    1) go to college,
    2) pay for college working as a cam model
    3) then get a career/job if that is your dream, ...
  5. Do I Have Too Much Money In The Bank?

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