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  1. Ynot Cam Interview - Minnie St Claire

  2. I will be speaking at YNOT Summit 2021

  3. Branding Is About The People with Minnie Riley | The Brand Doctor Podcast | Unique De

  4. Getting Out of Bad Living Situations

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    hi all
    I am in a situation where I need to move because of my bf, we not getting along and it his place..I have been applying a few vanilla jobs still in the process of interviews...ok cool..I work like 4 cam sites do ok most days ..some days are good some is bad...or ok..I do work part time on cam for few years...because it get draining at my age older female.. but I need to move out the end summer my goal...I even thinking of applying for social assistance hmm kinda doing all not sure about
  5. How Not to Go Broke As A Cammodel/Sex Worker: A Mini Guide

    I saw this post and felt it deserved to be blogged-very sound advice.

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    To add on to what KK said, I've met a lot of people that don't know how to create a realistic budget. Most likely, your bills aren't the only thing you spend money on and need to take into account. You have shit like food, transportation costs, entertainment costs (netflix, eating out), whatever funds you spend on your pets, child expenses, etc. People tend to either wildly overestimate or (more commonly) severely

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