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  1. AAre you normal or Are you weird ???

    Are you normal or Are you weird ???

    I wrote this on a forum I've been a member since 2004 where I've been a leader, coach for cam models.
    There is a huge fear in the community of cam models feeling fear of being shamed for being cam models and finally after almost 15 years some are listening .....

    For the ones where
    1) go to college,
    2) pay for college working as a cam model
    3) then get a career/job if that is your dream, ...
  2. Do I Have Too Much Money In The Bank?

  3. July 16th: WebCam 101 w/Minnie Riley


    Register for the webinar here

    Considering webcamming, but afraid to take the plunge? Join Saucy & Cam Girl Minnie Riley for a quaint little chat about the art of virtual entertaining. Save yourself hours of research by hanging with us! A video will be sent everyone who registers. Don't worry if you can't make it.

    On 7/16 @ 7PM EST in this ONLINE Q&A, Learn everything you need to know about: ...
  4. I watch this video EVERY TIME before I go online!

  5. Progress!

    I have blown up since I got the lush. I expected as much. I didn't expect to get such great people viewing me though. I see theuir names pop up and I get happy. We build relationships together. They drive me to keep going, to keep posting media, and to keep pushing my limits. Love them.

    Now I have to edit a video I made. It was fun shooting it, but took a bit of time to get the camera angles right. I guess I'll get better at this as I go?
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