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  1. Taking a small break

    Man, camming is bad lately.
    I've only made $160 in a week...... So bad. So I'm taking a small break!
    I'll be online from time to time, just not busting my ass for $5 after two hours of strutting around in painful boots. Nope. Never again.
    I will instead focus on content and interacting with my snapchat peeps. Getting a following on twitter. That sort of thing.
  2. DOCS: Money Envy

  3. webcam model studio in Bucharest Romania - News Interview

    OMG !!! their studios - I love their room decor. makes me want to step up my decorating for my own apartment. Some serious ideas on how to decorate.
  4. Documentary - Call Girls - Phone Sex Operators

  5. Men are so desperate and weird XD

    Some lonely man 6 years ago took the time to write this out and actually believed it to be true!! I'm laughing so hard. Do you think he's ever had a girlfriend that actually stuck around?

    Lately camming has been good. I figured out how to improve my camscore on MFC, and have slowly been working on it. I just have to keep a close eye on what I make everyday compared to my past 60 days, and make sure it's steadily increasing. My rank has been shooting ...
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