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  1. Need to stay focus on my goals. - It will be worth the journey.

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    Camming Goals
    Earn $100,000 from webcam , I went back and forth on how many sites I would work but I've narrowed it down to 3 cam sites and niteflirt.

    my income chart is set for more then 5 but I have to remember the chart is for example purposes and what I do is for my own personal growth.

    Personal Goals
    Big thing for me is getting financial self in order, and plastic surgery and save up for my first home and maybe even a car. I say maybe a car because of
  2. My Financial Journey Starts Now.

    This is from the thread How Not to Go Broke As A Cammodel/Sex Worker: A Mini Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by kortneykay View Post
    Budget: Figure out the payment schedule for each site, and aim to make all bills the first 2-3 weeks of each month. By week 4, you should have already secured your earnings and can relax knowing you'll have rent on time by the 1st or 15th. Don't forget to pay yourself, pay your taxes, invest, and save for a rainy day. Your future self will thank you. Financial 'fee'dom!

  3. ‘I don’t know who I am anymore’: Losing my identity

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