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  1. I Had Laparoscopy Surgery Fallopian Tube Removal [CamGirl Vlog]

  2. Banner Signature is a global site feature my opinion on that

    Singature banner

    StripperWeb need to come up with global rules about signature banners for the whole damn site
    - the site is more then just a fucking section about webcam

    I just had surgery yeseterday (April 25- I am still massively drugged up . you can imagine my mood and pain level right now.

    I am very careful on what I choose as a banner signature. as I ...
  3. [CamGirl Vlog] I Have Bipolar Disorder And I Do Not Want Children

  4. [CamGirl Vlog] How to Change Careers As A Cam Girl Sex Worker #VEDA

    I am uploading videos for VEDA - Vlog Everyday for April - I am 4 videos behind as of this post, but I am planning a batch recording session in a few minutes after this post

    *** Found out what I am using that made me want to change careers ***
  5. [CamGirl Vlog] The Time I Cooked and Gave Entrepreneur Advice #SSSVEDA

    Participating in VEDA - Vlog everyday for April

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