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  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    I share tips and insights about getting out of your comfort zone
  2. Goals And Vision for 2017

    I talk about setting goals and vision.

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  3. [MinnieRileyTV] 90 Day Video Challege

    A 90 Day Video Challenge is exactly as it sounds.
    You upload a video EVERYDAY for 90 days. I found this challenge from an internet marketing mentor John Chow.

    I encourage anyone who is building a youtube challenge and want to create an online brand should really get into video and one of the ways to get into the habit of video is to get into a challenge, you push yourself to learn video creation skills and also grow your audience.

    Only attempt this if you are ...

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  4. My sky dive video is HERE !!

  5. First Tandem SkyDive Jump with PornStar Voodoo

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