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  1. Stay away, please!!

    Lol. We had SO many girls at Ybor strip. I don't think they understand that this really isn't the club to dance at regarding Super Bowl. We're off the the side of Ybor. You wanna go to one of the clubs on Dale Mabry or Westshore that has a line leading out the front. So.. a lot of people didn't sell dances today. I was one of them.

    I'm not gonna mope about it. I took my problems to work for the second time in my almost two months of dancing. I didn't talk to anyone about them - they're ...
  2. I'm late

    for a very important date!

    Not really. Just for work. My first day of Kindergarten pretty much showed what my habits would be like. I've been tardy for years.. all throughout high school and my jobs.

    Well, now I have to literally pay for it. With how slow it's been (Super Bowl doesn't count!), I'm learning my lesson. no more being late. twenty dollars is a pedicure okay?

    Today was slow, but we had a lot of girls due to Super Bowl. One customer that liked ...
  3. Gotta be kidding me right?

    So I am to get my pay check (supposed to and better) from the club I mean. Like after my shift and we are closed.

    But I just found out that they club wasn't open on Tuesday. Extremely confused.

    I am thinking it is because they didn't have enough girls. Hoping is more like it.

    I love the club as you know but I have this feeling it is one that may not make it much longer in this economy.

    Which sucks because it is the ...
  4. just got off work

    Walked with a rather measly $150. We had more girls than customers for most of the night. and I wasn't allowed to do any stage sets at all bc apparently my tattoo is too big and ugly. or something. but the other girls' jailhouse looking tatts are ok. as are half-sleeves. I'm feeling disillusioned with scores now. Maybe it's not the paradise I thought it was yesterday.

    This is bunk. We are beautiful and naked. We deserve to be going home with more than $150 a shift! This blows! ...
  5. Georgia decides they want to tax strip clubs

    Georgia is about to go down the same path Texas did in creating an illegal tax on strip clubs/Gentlemen's Clubs. Later it was judged unconstitutional and the tax has been blocked. It makes no sense, this MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO CRAP!

    Law makers need to wake up in Georgia and see the light and stop letting the bible thumpers control the government.

    Want extra income for the state?? Simple pass the liquor sales on Sunday. Its a must at this point and will bring in an estimated ...
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