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  1. Vegas breakdown day by day

    For dancers thinking of working in Vegas, I hope this is useful. I found the logistics of Vegas a little bit challenging, but I did end up getting hired, getting my sheriff's card and working two shifts during my six-day visit. Here's what I did, and what I would have done differently.

    Day 1
    Thursday, May 10

    I arrived via Spirit Airlines at about 9pm and took a free shuttle straight to my hotel (Palace Station, which was recommended by a few dancers here). I went straight ...

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  2. Totally hilarious

  3. From dancing to camming

    I'm in the 'research' phase of my camming career. I've always danced in clubs but I'm having a 12 month break, I thought 'why not give camming a go?' So far I'm just using my mac laptop with inbuilt camera, I know this isn't ideal for camming, but I'll go get a proper web cam or video camera if my camming is actually successful.
    I signed up with one large website and made $19 in 40 minutes the other night, I'm sure I can start doing better then this once I lean more about it. For now, I'm ...
  4. SW Blog

    There is a cold sharpness in the air. Thick snowflakes fall heavily and blanket the world outside. It's Christmas Eve and a SW Blog is born.
  5. Will I EVER work 20hours in a week?

    Today, I discovered a problem. I'm sure that I can eventually overcome it, but I think that I may have to re-figure my goals somewhat, or get REALLY into time management.

    My current goal has been to make $20-25 an hour (very reasonable for where I am right now) and work 20hours a week (which I assumed was also reasonable). Apparently, I was wrong. I am struggling to get over ten hours!

    I can plan 20 hours in - not incredibly easily, but easily enough. It should be do-able. ...
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