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  1. Interesting...

    There is a subtle yet huge difference between and
  2. Terri in Webcam Girlsn [Video] the original webcam girls documentary

    I use to have the full documentary on my facebook account, and I recently lost it. I thought I had it backed up and I couldn't find it anywhere so this is the only video I can find from the first documentary I ever watched about being a webcam model.

  3. Solid Routine: Pole Dancer Eats A Piece Of Pizza On Stage

    And she made bank!

    The video is worth watching...

  4. Shine Your Sink | Getting Started With Flylady 31 Babysteps

  5. Dance Styles from 1982 to the Present: Vol. 2

    After I had been dancing at the Pink Poodle for almost a year, I was hired by a stripping telegram company called Strip-o-Gram. (That will be covered in another post:-) I had moved to San Francisco to work for them, since most of my gigs were up that way.

    But when SOG and I parted ways a year later, I went back to the good ol' Pink Poodle. Boy, had dance styles changed! I actually missed Diana and her old fashioned elegance.

    New girls had been ...
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