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  1. The Streamate Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Magical_Hoohah View Post
    This is the first I am hearing about explicit $0 GS, and at first the concept was really confusing to me. But after thinking about it, I think it might be designed to allow models to run their room EXACTLY like MFC. Here's an example (my numbers are sort of arbitrary - I'm not sure what ladies on MFC actually charge in their countdowns):

    "Goal: 50; Buy In: 0; Minutes: 15; What I'll do: Topless at 50, naked at 100, oil show at 200, toy show at 350, log off if we don't make topless
  2. Renegade Maidens is comming

  3. Coming out of hibernation

    Ugh, I am guessing that my 4 month hiatus is drawing to a close. I decided to take a break from dancing after my failure to make any dinero in Missouri. I know that I shouldn't base my self esteem on how much money I made, but when you go from making $200 on a Monday to walking out with less than $75 on a Friday, it tends to rattle the foundations of your confidence levels. People can't believe that I haven't made any money, which does tend to get me a bit snippy. Anyways I think I'm going to try ...
  4. Review about WebcamClub

    Been a registered model on the site since October 2008.

    The website is perfect to split cam with. as the traffic can be slow but the customers are ready to buy.

    on one computer I work cams, webcamclub and
    imlive when I hit payout monthly the site is worth it.

    Support answers emails quickly. They are not active on
    twitter. Check arrived quickly on time, especially during October and November 2018 when ...
  5. Playing Russian Roulette

    I want bigger tits, dammit. I have no valid reason other than greed and vanity. I'm just scared of complications this time around. I was scared shitless the first time. I feel like if I get a revision for no other reason than vanity I'm just tempting fate. It's not high on my list of priorities obviously. But sometime here in the next few months I do need to give it some thought,

    It's just my tits feel so damn small. I can see my feet and I have little feet.
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