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  1. Capitalizing on what's come up

    Well, my potential sd date didn't go as planned. I had a great time and he provided me with gas money and everything, but then he e-mailed me saying that he was too nervous the whole time and might not be ready for this type of relationship! This wasn't totally about the money either; he posted an ad, specifically looking for "a sugar baby to spoil". When responded to his ad , our personalities clicked and I got really into this guy. I'm kinda sad that he doesn't think he wants to see ...

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  2. Is this too good to be true?

    Hmm...I am >8 hours away from driving up for a first date with a potential sd and I've set an appointment with a guy who wants to be dominated. I'm cautiously optimistic about how this week will go, I just don't want to get too excited, because I know how likely these things are to blow up out of nowhere.

    Eh, expect the best, prepare for the worst, and capitalize on whatever comes, right?
  3. Whats wrong with Congress and Obama???

    Congress gives themselves a raise during the worst economic times since the great depression.

    Congress gives it a $93,000.00 increase in expense account per congressmen this year and every year to follow.

    Obama spends 145 million for is inaugurational ball.

    Obama says shame on Wall Street for giving out bonus checks.

    WTF is wrong with this picture????

    Its more like do as I say not as I do!
  4. Stay away, please!!

    Lol. We had SO many girls at Ybor strip. I don't think they understand that this really isn't the club to dance at regarding Super Bowl. We're off the the side of Ybor. You wanna go to one of the clubs on Dale Mabry or Westshore that has a line leading out the front. So.. a lot of people didn't sell dances today. I was one of them.

    I'm not gonna mope about it. I took my problems to work for the second time in my almost two months of dancing. I didn't talk to anyone about them - they're ...
  5. I'm late

    for a very important date!

    Not really. Just for work. My first day of Kindergarten pretty much showed what my habits would be like. I've been tardy for years.. all throughout high school and my jobs.

    Well, now I have to literally pay for it. With how slow it's been (Super Bowl doesn't count!), I'm learning my lesson. no more being late. twenty dollars is a pedicure okay?

    Today was slow, but we had a lot of girls due to Super Bowl. One customer that liked ...
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