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  1. Lovense Lush

    I just ordered mine today! I can't wait to use it and get hella tips! They just shipped it today, I want to see how long it will take to get here. I only paid $5 for shipping, so probably a week or so.

    Have you guys used this toy? What's your experience with it? I see most girls using it just sit there and take it and they get tonsss of tips. But.... I'm new. How should I go about this?

    Also, the boyfriend says he thinks I'm good at camming! I'm so happy <3
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  2. Why The Word "OVERSATURATION" is Cheating You Out of 6 FIGURES!

  3. Myth or Truth - What do people really know about you

    Well the other day I discovered some interesting information which ties into an interesting conversation I had today.

    This girl sends me a friend request on facebook which lead to me learning about her youtube channel and then also very shocked and impressed of how she learned about me. So it starts off with me sending her a message I just don't accept friend request that come my way I have to chat with people first and even then doesn't mean I will accept the friend request. ...
  4. Doing a cam-athon is it worth it ???

    You see post about it on here all the time.

    Someone plans to run a cam-athon and basically needs company and support while they push and work lots of hours to make sure they can hit their income goal.

    I personally think cam-athons work best in two ways when you are brand new or have been away from webcam for a while and on days you are on a roll from hitting your income goal to fast.

    Sometimes even if you hit your goal fast then expected the traffic on ...
  5. Always in a positive mood

    Even when it's slow, I'll eat a hot pocket. Or paint my toenails. Talk about sexual things and stuff.

    Just keep them talking and interested in sex and you as a person as well.

    Someone completed one of my goals in one tip though, I should crank it up a bit so I can spend more time on cam without losing an objective. I was already naked in an hour, and had cum like thirty minutes later. Then didn't have anything to do lol.

    So i'll make my goals a lot bigger, ...
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