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  1. I am nominated for top ebony cam model - adult webcam adwards


    So this is pretty exciting that I've been nominated for TOP EBONY CAM MODEL. Hosted by Adult Webcam Awards

    I know they say it's nice to be nominated but I REALLY WANT TO WIN. So your support is greatly needed !

    You can cast your vote here
  2. He talks about legalizing prostitution, and he's got some good points!!

  3. Just started sharing my posts on Reddit....

    I'm already getting fucking crazy comments and messages XD

    "not gonna lie i wish i was on acid to really appreciate your post"
    ummmm.... are you complimenting me or....?

    Violets are blue Your body is sexy Do you want to snapchat nudes too?"
    Is this supposed to be.... a poem? Took me like half an hour before I realized that's what he's going for XD

    This is going to be... interesting
  4. Taking a small break

    Man, camming is bad lately.
    I've only made $160 in a week...... So bad. So I'm taking a small break!
    I'll be online from time to time, just not busting my ass for $5 after two hours of strutting around in painful boots. Nope. Never again.
    I will instead focus on content and interacting with my snapchat peeps. Getting a following on twitter. That sort of thing.
  5. DOCS: Money Envy

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