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  1. Men are so desperate and weird XD

    Some lonely man 6 years ago took the time to write this out and actually believed it to be true!! I'm laughing so hard. Do you think he's ever had a girlfriend that actually stuck around?

    Lately camming has been good. I figured out how to improve my camscore on MFC, and have slowly been working on it. I just have to keep a close eye on what I make everyday compared to my past 60 days, and make sure it's steadily increasing. My rank has been shooting ...
  2. My adventures in camming so far

    So today was weird. Had a guy come in from the get go. Tipped me to view his cam. Two hours go by, he's only shown me his face. Weird.... other guys tipped for that, wanked for me and then left. So I messaged him about it and his reply was "tip me."

    Troll? Or nah?

    Otherwise, it's been a pretty good week so far. Made about $50 yesterday and not as much today. I work at my day job today, and then the next three days I have off! So I'll cam a lot more than usual ...
  3. Always in a positive mood

    Even when it's slow, I'll eat a hot pocket. Or paint my toenails. Talk about sexual things and stuff.

    Just keep them talking and interested in sex and you as a person as well.

    Someone completed one of my goals in one tip though, I should crank it up a bit so I can spend more time on cam without losing an objective. I was already naked in an hour, and had cum like thirty minutes later. Then didn't have anything to do lol.

    So i'll make my goals a lot bigger, ...
  4. MFC Camscore???

    So what effects your camscore more - time spent online, or tips in that time?

    What effects Miss Myfreecams ranking? Time or tips?

    I'm trying to figure it out. I don't think I'm a "new" model anymore, so I need to adjust. I have adjusted my tipping games and goals, so I am getting more money. But my camscore doesn't even budge more than 5 points. My ranking is going up though. I'm currently #4901. So I am thinking that has to do with time spent on cam.
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  5. First day on MFC stats

    So I think I did pretty good!
    I got 1,282 tokens in about two and a half hours
    My camscore is 1035 (how is this affected and how do I help it?)
    I've been rated by 15 ppl already, avg 4.5 stars
    And my miss free cams score is 14579, not really worried about that for now though.

    Am I doing okay? Could I do better? It was my first day.
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