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  1. Solid Routine: Pole Dancer Eats A Piece Of Pizza On Stage

    And she made bank!

    The video is worth watching...

  2. Motivation and Stacking/Batching Work

    Motivation is something affects us no matter what industry we are in, from adult to vanilla. If you are a freelancer of any kind, you're going to run into issues with motivation. In today's economy, both adult and vanilla workers can no longer rely on one job. Many must work a combination of jobs to see the income they're looking for.

    I wanted to discuss the benefits of understanding how to motivate yourself, and ways you can go about it that offer encouragement and support. I also ...
  3. Adding Extra Income to Your Basket

    It really doesn't matter if you're a dancer, camgirl, escort, or PSO. I've seen so many ladies get burned out from sex work 24/7 (myself included), so it pays to have a backup plan in place. if there is one thing I've learned on my time here at SW, it's that the ladies here are very resourceful, and have a million different ways of making money. With that said, here are some of the best threads we have created here on SW to share with everyone who needs a boost in their bank account. Enjoy! ...

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  4. $20 an hour/ 8 to 15 hours a everyday is al it takes - to be a top cam model.

    I got curious of how I am going to pay for my flight for my current trip. and I was getting a little discouraged with camming, but I broke it down as simple as I could. 15 hours a day max I can handle working cam. 8 hours a day is the full-time working average. Then I broke down max days I could and minimum days of the week I could work. when I thought about working 7 days a week. I am taking a lot of breaks in the day. This trip is me not on cam for 3 days straight.

  5. my notes from Beyond Boundaries by John Townstead

    Beyond boundaries

    Trust means you can be yourself and that person has your best interest in mind.

    The natural response of painful relationships is to withdrawal.
    The draw isn't the problem. The pain is.

    Breach of trust
    Doubt they are there for you
    They aren't who they say they are

    Two types of trust
    Functional- depend on behaviors and commitments
    Relational - vulnerabilities and feelings
    Speak to me in truth and grace ...
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