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  1. Vegas breakdown day by day

    For dancers thinking of working in Vegas, I hope this is useful. I found the logistics of Vegas a little bit challenging, but I did end up getting hired, getting my sheriff's card and working two shifts during my six-day visit. Here's what I did, and what I would have done differently.

    Day 1
    Thursday, May 10

    I arrived via Spirit Airlines at about 9pm and took a free shuttle straight to my hotel (Palace Station, which was recommended by a few dancers here). I went straight ...

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  2. VEGAS: Day Three

    You may have noticed I skipped days one and two. You may have also noticed it has been nine years (!) since my last post. Well, I'M BACK! And a better stripper than ever before.

    I'm also a VEGAS STRIPPER as of about an hour ago. I got hired at Cheetahs and I start tomorrow! It was the first place I auditioned in Vegas. I called on Sunday afternoon and asked when they held auditions. They asked "for what shift" and I said "day shift" and they told me around 1 or 1:30. ...
  3. made a webcam rate calculator in google sheets I wanna cry

    Been playing around with google sheets and from what the numbers say I literally feel like slapping myself. I've been trying to break my money beliefs and really use my therapy tools on my negative self talk.

    I broke it down I feel bad of how I make money because it is absolutely nothing that I was "raised" to believe I am suppose to do. so because I am a broke trauma survivor. some where in my sub-science I've been super self sabotaging myself.

    The mission ...
  4. [Video] How to Set Income Goals

  5. Solid Routine: Pole Dancer Eats A Piece Of Pizza On Stage

    And she made bank!

    The video is worth watching...

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