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  1. How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

  2. Share | Make A Plan and Stick To it

    When it comes to financial advice and creating a plan there is a lot out there. Sometimes it gets extremely loud you start to feel like you canít even think for yourself. Iíve been aware of the personal finance community for many years and been overloaded with information where I never took consistent action in handling my finances.
    I just didnít deal with it.
  3. My Journey Starts With Knowing The Seven Stages Of Financial Independence

    You must think I am a total flake, honestly sometimes yes.

    But I havenít forgotten about this blog, I just kind of put things into the perfectionist box where I felt like I had no value to add to the world about my personal finance journey and documenting me going through the stages financial independence.

    Plus being a trauma survivor and managing my mental illness that is bipolar disorder a lot of weird things come up as you are going through healthy recovery, psychotherapy ...
  4. LIVE | How Long Will It Take To Be Successful As A Cam Model?

  5. All Things Saving Money-UPDATED

    Back again, this time with a bunch of posts that focus on money and saving money. We all know how it is to be broke or in situations where we need money, but it's nowhere to be found. This goes hand in hand with the Adding Extra Income to Your Basket/Eggs post. Create more (or better) streams of income, and use these tips to make life easier, no matter what type of adult work you're doing. As in my other blogs, I'll add helpful threads as I find them.

    No Money? How to get everything free/cheap ...

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