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  1. What To Do When You've Had A Business Setback with Rick Warren

  2. Share | Make A Plan and Stick To it

    When it comes to financial advice and creating a plan there is a lot out there. Sometimes it gets extremely loud you start to feel like you canít even think for yourself. Iíve been aware of the personal finance community for many years and been overloaded with information where I never took consistent action in handling my finances.
    I just didnít deal with it.
  3. SW Blog

    There is a cold sharpness in the air. Thick snowflakes fall heavily and blanket the world outside. It's Christmas Eve and a SW Blog is born.
  4. Vegas breakdown day by day

    For dancers thinking of working in Vegas, I hope this is useful. I found the logistics of Vegas a little bit challenging, but I did end up getting hired, getting my sheriff's card and working two shifts during my six-day visit. Here's what I did, and what I would have done differently.

    Day 1
    Thursday, May 10

    I arrived via Spirit Airlines at about 9pm and took a free shuttle straight to my hotel (Palace Station, which was recommended by a few dancers here). I went straight ...

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  5. Totally hilarious

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