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Blogs for the Holidays!!!

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To: StripperWeb

A BIG bag of Blogs (say that 10 times fast )!


Santa asked me to hand out blogs to thank all of you for making SW the community that it is! Use them to rant about your annoying neighbors, let us know about your good nights, or your passion for lolcats - whatever!

May your holiday season be safe, warm, and happy (and have lots of chocolate too)!

We are looking forward to a very busy new year and many positive changes with it. See you in '09!

Thanks again!

P.S. Get your own free blog BEFORE Dec. 27th (you will be able to keep it indefinitely):
Go to "My Settings"
Click "Group Memberships" on the left
Click in the "Join Group" circle, then press the "Join Group" button

You will now have access to a "Blog" link in the forum navigation area.


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