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Some success

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The domination appointment went completely as planned and I *may* have him as a repeat customer. The fetish shoot I have booked will take me back to the area I just moved from, so I can get some of my S&M gear. Hopefully, having more to offer this custy in the way of torture & teasing will entice him back.

All told, I got two hundred dollars for less than two hours of "work". Pretty awesome.

On the body/weight loss front, I've decided to make a point to have some decaf green tea with the morning and nighttime doses of CLA I've been taking, as I've seen zero toning benefits yet. Maybe then I'll see some results out of it.

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  1. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Keep posting about the domination stuff. I'm so interested in getting into that line of work. Sounds pretty sweet.