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More success on the horizon...

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When all else is lost, there's always a demented version of hope, right? Lol. I'm within four days of paying off a nasty hospital bill (which has to be paid off all at once lest my credit score be penalized, all because some pencil-pusher fucked up my address) and I have another submissive client that I'm corresponding with via e-mail. I'm still going to be cautiously excited by this, as I found this one on craigslist and the first hasn't contacted me back yet.

My fetish photo shoot for the end of the month is cancelled on account of the douchebag photographer apparently deleting his e-mail account and never providing any other contact info. The other (closer) photo shoot may be off because the guy who swears up and down that his wife *really* wants to pose with another woman doesn't realize that his wife was probably just talking dirty in bed and is now severely pissed off that he found someone to fulifill "her" request.

Having a "normal" job sucks and the pay is unbelievably low compared to what I was making last year this time of year at the peepshow, but the fact that I *can* do something to improve my situation provides me with some genuine sense of self-sufficiency, not just pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams of potential solvency.

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