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Back in Black, etc.

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I started a new character/profile on NiteFlirt, this time using my real pics with my face blurred out. I was majorly stressed out recently as I was trying to start a new "regular" job and was getting asked to report for jury duty and lost about a week of work due to dealing with that bs. No new job(fu, lying hr biatches misleading me about the terms of the job), jury duty was excused and all of the fetish/bdsm clients I was corresponding with turned out to be time-wasters. So I'm focusing on working Keen and NiteFlirt right now. My repeat customer on Keen is actually very attracted to me and just likes talking to me....he's basically paid my phone bill this month. He dislikes NiteFlirt though and says he wants a genuine connection. Fortunately, I like talking to him and while I'm getting paid by the minute, I like it even better.

Met another man who likes chatting with me and seems like a potential sd. I wonder how much dirty chat would get me a laptop w/a webcam built in, lol. He wants to watch and is implying that he makes plenty of money, so we'll see what works out.

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