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Binaural Beats and Pole Dancing Classes

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Woohoo! The only thing I really appreciate the government doing wrong is taxing me too much all year long. I got my state refund direct deposited into my account today, and I believe March will be the first month that I am not behind on my bills.

I found a few more cool things this week, including a binuaral beats/meditation music website with some awesome free downloads and I found an adult superstore in the area that offers pole dancing classes. They seem to be booked full for the next several weeks, but it's still good to know. The store's website also had a pdf of their retail application (I love me some discounts and I do excel at retail functions) and mentioned sex toy sales rep positions. The sales position is likely something like working for Passions (a former coworker described it as the Avon job of sex toys) but it's another thought to entertain....

I am seriously considering giving up sugar/sweets this Lent. It's easier to give something up when you know other people are suffering through similar ordeals. I can't decide though; I felt pretty good when I gave up caffiene for a month and a half, but I don't know if I could deal with the gallons o' coffee that get brewed in my parent's home without drinking any of it.

I'm still cultivating my fetish client that wants to wear lingerie and dance around for me; in the meantime, I might (maybe, possibly) have a nude housekeeping client who really likes heavy chicks next week.

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  1. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    I've thought about selling sex toys, too. All these people tell me you can make a lot of money that way.

    And I like to give things up for Lent, too, for the reasons you outlined, not because I'm Catholic. Instead of giving something up, though, I'm taking something on--The 30 Day Shred. I guess for Lent, though, it will be the 40 Day Shred. Hah.
  2. AngelWithHorns's Avatar
    Lol, I think this Lent season is actually even longer than that (maybe?). I've also considered starting a new habit/resuming an old one, like practicing yoga daily or something.

    Good luck with yours!