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Winged Dinghy

Emerging from the haze of a fever-coma

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I've been deathly ill this whole week (and missed Mardi Gras) with an incapacitating fever, headache, congestion, body aches--your garden variety flu, I guess.

I pretty much spent the first three days of this week in a fever coma, but I did start a new blog, because I'm so gung-ho about this one. Here is the link, in which I detail a bachelor party I did Sunday morning:

I'm probably going to be doing a lot of posting there from now on, because I can't resist having way too many internet blogs. I lose track of how many I have.

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  1. MargaritaVillain's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you are so sick...and it really sucks that you missed Mardi Gras. Hope you get some quality rest and feel better soon!
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