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Winged Dinghy

My new battle plan

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I am on a seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect club. The club that has the consistent, good money of Visions. The strict no-touching policy of Club Eden. The friendly, down-to-earth girls of the Ship's Wheel. The luxurious atmosphere of Scores. Basically, if I could combine the best points of all the clubs at which I've worked, I'd have my dream club.

The thing is, I think I've identified my dream club as Penthouse. Everyone I've talked to says the money and management is great. The club itself is beautiful, with a huge, spacious locker room. Unlike most NOLA clubs, it's NOT a Deja Vu club. So what's the problem? Why don't I work there?

The problem is a huge, multi-colored tattoo on my right hip. I love my tattoo. It's a great tattoo-so great that it's being featured in Status Ink next month! But Penthouse doesn't love it. After my audition, the manager said to me, "Why did you get that tattoo? You're a pretty girl, but we can't have those here."

So, my new plan is this. Go in with a blonde wig and my tattoo COVERED and audition again. It's been a few months; I doubt they'll remember me. So I just shelled out close to a hundred bucks for tattoo covering stuff. It's a gamble, but I really hope this stuff works. I know the tattoo CAN be covered, because a makeup artist on a movie set covered it before, and the stuff she used did NOT come off, even after several days and intense scrubbing.

Between the hardcore makeup I'm ordering, and the gartinis I'll wear to obscure the line between makeup and flesh, and the dim club lighting, I SHOULD be able to hide the tatt. Right? Right? I hope so.

And I really hope that Penthouse DOES turn out to be my dream club.

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  1. chris91's Avatar
    Hey, I work at penthouse. It's a great club. Their no touch policy is really only for dances on the floor. In the rooms, the bouncers rarely say anything to a guy about touching.

    Management is so cool there, I don't think you'll even need the wig. You can probably just tell them that you auditioned before and they said no to your tattoo, but now you've found a way to cover it.

    What did you buy to cover the tattoo? If it doesn't work, I can offer you some suggestions. I'm a makeup artist too.
  2. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    I'm going to be using the process outlined here

    to cover the tattoo.

    I bought PAX paint, ivory colored ink, and Ben Nye neutral set.

    Thank you for offering the suggestions! If, god forbid, this stuff doesn't work, I may take you up on them!
  3. mysteryman's Avatar
    Test the makeup with a black light in the dark after you cover the tattoo because certain ink will come through. As you know lighting changes from minute to minute in clubs, but blacklight is usually evenly spread out in clubs which can penetrate makeup and latex.
  4. Winged Dinghy's Avatar
    Aggghhh! Blacklight! I didn't even think about that. I hope my plan has not been foiled.

    Thanks for the heads up, mystery man!
  5. CCRider's Avatar
    Try going into Sherwin Williams and having them use a spectrometer on your skin for an exact match. Ask for it in latex. Problem solved-- stuff is hardcore.