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omg I cannot believe her...but I can.

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Had a rather large disagreement with some old "friends" recently.

They never ever asked how things were with me or how I was doing or what was going on in my life. I had a rant in my lj about things I was frustrated with. I really needed someone to talk to. And I really wasn't expecting anyone to read it cuz it was so long let alone reply.

I got two replies for these two "friends".

Well I was really down in the dumps. Could have used some words of encouragement right? I didn't get that. I got two girls telling me how I should be living my life and I have no right to complain about anything and that my husband is a "little boy".

Like any normal person I was upset by these. They claimed it was "constructive criticism". I know when it is and that wasn't. We use that in art and in dance. That was just full on drag me down even further and stomp on me.

So when I brought it up to them and told them I was upset they just when on a full on bitch fit. They were a complete pair of childish brats.

All in all I got insulted, called names, harassed all day over the phone. Ignored, put down, and extremely worn out.

Got called a "skanky stripper whore" by one and she then told me I needed to "eat a cheeseburger" because apparently I am anorexic. Which is awkward because I eat all the time and I weigh a healthy 120 at 5'2". And not at least 200 at 5'7" <~~~that is more than my husband and he is 6'2".

Then the other one told me that my husband and I need to grow up the next day while I was at work of all times. But you know because I don't work and I don't do custom orders and I'm not working on a very expensive art piece right now. And I apparently "dipped out" of my Goddaughters life. Because I never "did anything" for her. Honestly I will never think of her as anything other than my Goddaughter and just because her mom acts like a child does not mean I do not care about her. As a Godmother I am not supposed to give her things or do things for her but keep in contact with her and love her and show her the ways of God. Nothing else. It is always some materialistic bullshit with her mom. It was always her mom making the choices when we hung out on what we did and she would pout when I wanted to pick something.


I will always love that baby fully and nothing will ever change that. I will always pray for the very best for her in her life and that God will always be there to take care of her.

One of them also tried to hack into my aim sn! I mean are you serious? LOL. I watched her hack into peoples myspaces and livejournals and aim sns all the time. Because she can't figure out that she really shouldn't be trying to "get back" at people. She can't just let things go. Acts very immature about things that happen that she doesn't like. No wonder her mom kept her home on the weekends.

I am over the situation and I am feeling much better without them talking to me at all. I am relaxed and I know that everything is fine. This has been building up for a while anyways. It was getting to the point to where I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't stand hearing their bullshit because they are both very two-faced. They talk shit about the others to me and now the others are on their side. Good for them. I got rid of them a while ago too lol.

I love the freedom. And I love the friends I have kept and the great ones I am making.

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