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Pole Tax Battle in Texas Rages On!

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In 2007 The State of Texas passed into law the pole tax. This tax allowed the state to collect $5.00 per customer that enters a Strip Club, Or Gentlemens Club. I knew that this law would be overturned due to the fact its unconstitutional to tax free speech.

What the law makers in the state of Texas do not understand or are unwilling to accept is that Sc/GCs are protected under the 1st Amendment.

So instead of releasing the tax money already collected illegally by the state of Texas, the law makers have decided to go back and pass another law which they feel would make it legal to collect the tax.

The problem is the law makers are not understanding as along as you single out SC/GCs as the one to pay the tax for entering the club it will continue to violate the 1st Amendment. The correct way to make the law would be to tax every person entering a liquor establishment in the state of Texas.

Reality is if the Texas lawmakers did this type of law to tax everyone equally, the level of Resistance from nightclub, bar, and restaurant owners would be so large it would not pass.

Instead Texas law makers have decided to pick on an industry which they feel most tax payers will not complain when it comes to paying a tax. In reality this tax is slowly destroying an industry which once upon a time paid great amounts of liquor tax into the state coffers at 14%. Now add a 5.00 door tax which is projected to create 40 million in tax the first year and to climb every year.

Read the article below its a sad scenario the state of Texas is creating which is singling out one industry.

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