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Regarding my last entry lol

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Now they have resorted (well at least the one) to talking trash about me on of all places! lmao.

Of being in the industry for three years and now being retired from it, never once was I ever talked bad about from anyone I worked with not even a customer. I only got bitchy to customers that grabbed me for obvious reasons. lol.

One guy left something saying he was looking for where I was working or if I was even still dancing. So in turn this complete idiot responded sounding nothing like any one I have ever worked with in any club and trust me I would remember anyone I worked with. I was very cautious and conscience of my surroundings and the people in them. This idiot leaves a reply saying that I slept around with all kinds of customers and I have all kinds of STD's.



There was one guy that was a customer that I slept with after knowing him for almost over a year and a half and deciding that we both trusted each other and thought each other was responsible enough -- funny enough that guy happens to be my husband...and look NO STDS!! haha.

I changed my phone number today to stop the harassment permanently. Also have a few new things that these dumbasses don't know about .

I'm a clever bitch.

I guess they should really just pay attention to their own life and really please just get the fuck out of mine and stay out. They aren't wanted so they need to stop trying to harass me or spoil my good name at the one club I loved working at the most when I danced. They are making the club look bad and that isn't fair to them either.

Oh well.

They can't drag me down or make me upset. I will just carry on laughing my way through life as I do everyday knowing that no matter what I will always find a way to succeed and excel at any job I take on no matter what it is.

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