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Things getting out of hand

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Remember how I wrote about a woman I fell in love in? Well, she doesn't really matter anymore. Instead I've met a new guy and basically already dumped my bf of 3 years. I could go on and on about the new one (I met him less than a month ago). All this just makes no sense. My bf was a complete asshole for several months before this and now that I said I probably move away, he says he can let down his defences. So he has changed to another person already. But I still believe this is better for everyone involved, even though the new guy wouldn't be the right for me. Somehow I feel that the energy I get from work and the support of my friends will carry me though whatever is going to face me...

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  1. pinupgurl2k6's Avatar
    I just ditched mine too, be happy to get away from a guy who doesn't treat you right. I know, I am .

    Best of Luck