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Lady Xplicit18

Chapter 1: The Beginning

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First to start off, I go by the name of LX.

But my stage name is Eden.

I'm a NUDE dancer and have been for the past 3 months.

Newbie, much?
Not really.

I've been researching dancing for the past 4 years before ever getting into it so I didn't just completely dive in with sneakers on into this industry.

Every single time I go to work I notice myself getting better by the shift.
I don't have an indefinite hustle like most girls for some reason.
My hustle is able to mold into any personality.
Maybe because I'm a "people person"

I've also learned that with being a stripper, other dancers can be GREAT pretenders at being your so-called "friends" because once they see you doing better than them one night they automatically act differently around you and turn into bitch-mode...well aleast for me. Some of them still don't know that I know that they're pure pretenders of the real world.
There's ups and downs in evey job but other than that, I love mine.

Moving on.

Tomorrow aka later on today my club is open again from Xmas so I'm still pondering whether it would be worth the drive (I live 45-1 hour from there) to show up when there might be no one from the after effect of Xmas. If I do, I'll write about it; if not, definitely Saturday.

Yours Truly,

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