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Isn't this over-simplifying?

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Is it just me, or are there very basic problems with this formula?

Step 1: Set up a Paypal (or similar) account.
Step 2: Set up a free website, advertising phone sex time ONLY in pre-paid blocks, to be paid through the Paypal/adult-friendly checkout system.
Step 3:Blast 60+personal ads on craigslist (or other such online classified site), expecting about 10-15 to get flagged & yanked, *every* day.

Step 4: Using a "free" 800 number from free (or .net), receive calls from men looking to have the pre-paid phone sex they paid for, once they tell you their pin numbers-which both you & the customer would have access to once the customer pays.

I met a guy who swears that this formula would be making me $5000+ per week. He does not believe that there is anything more complicated to running your own phone sex line than this. So far, not a single item on that list has been as simple/easy/effortless as he thinks.

So other than finding more classified sites to post to, this has done me no good thus far. I'm sure it would be nice to keep more of my money than NiteFlirt lets me have, but I think it requires slightly more work than listed above.

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