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My first paid cam show(s)!

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Holy crap! This was easier than phone sex by FAR. made more money in thirty minutes on than I made in my best weekend yet on NiteFlirt!

I'm still having serious hardware issues, but after speaking with tech support, I bit the bullet and went with the built-in, even though I don't love it's picture. But everything went fine...

There weren't many people broadcasting, but I kept having 1-4 people in my room quickly after beginning my broadcast, and I barely chatted with anyone before I got one private show after another. I was a little overwhelmed and decided at the end of my last show to hold off, re-read my rules & whatnot, and be tentatively thrilled that it went as well as it did...

But really, friggin HOORAY!

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  1. Kyleigh1984's Avatar
    Congrats! I too haven't had luck with Nite Flirt, and have more luck with camming.
  2. ohiogirl26's Avatar
    I was thinking about starting to cam too! But I think I'm gonna try imlive, is hard to sign up for?