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An Opinion of Age 18 or 21?

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I read today this wonderful opinion(INSERT SARCASM HERE PLEASE) of one person in the AJC(Atlanta Journal Constitution) which speaks about what the right age to be an exotic dancer should be. From what I gather this individual is from Sandy Springs, which is very conservative area outside of Atlanta. In his opinion anyone under 21 should not be allowed to dance as an entertainer within a strip club/gentlemens club as the currently enforced law states.

He also goes on to make some remarks about who has ever done anything great after being a stripper. Well here is the short list that I came up with in about one minute after running a search on google:

Courtney Love
Tila Tequila
Anna Nicole Smith
Nikki McKibbin (American Idol fame)
Carmen Electra
Diablo Cody
Pamela Anderson
Jenna Jameson

Now I guess I have to think like Jim Osterman for a minute because we have to wonder what he thinks is "great" by his definition, not what the world or media thinks, since this article is in fact his opinion. So I would have to guess that the list I have provided above would not be considered "Great" by Jim Ostermans standards. Not to mention half way through his opinion Jim states "I am only kidding, or only half kidding" after a few remarks about how he would legally deal with this situation at hand which in reality would cause a legal nightmare as to when parenting legal rights stop and you are then an adult with rights to decide what you wish to do or not do.

I do not agree with your opinion Jim, nor do I agree with the law created recently to stop individuals from taking a job that can pay the bills. It does not matter if he, or she dances nude to make money, because it is legal, not illegal. If the law makers want to pass a law restricting age for one to dance in a nude club, then why not also do it for those that serve alcohol in nude clubs? So far that has not been done so I see a big hole in this law that I am sure will be addressed in this up coming trial.

I would much rather have women who are single moms working at a strip club earning money then living on welfare surviving off government handouts. At least the dancer is willing to improve her life by working and going to school and even paying her way verses someone on welfare asking for more handouts.

So Jim while you sit there and look down on Dancers, strippers, and entertainers who work in the clubs and ask what they have they ever done "great things for society", well not being a burden to the tax payer and being something other then a welfare recipient is in my opinion a great thing for society.

Jim opinions are like assholes everyones got one, I just wonder if yours is really worthy of being published in the AJC.

If you want to read Jims opinion you can go to and go to opinions section.

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  1. ChoclatDiva21's Avatar
    You can add me to your list. I've raised 2 awesome kids & been the perfect booster club mom AND started working on my master's degree since I stopped dancing. But guess what- I'm going back so I'll have soome money while I'm in school lol.
  2. Kobrah Black's Avatar
    Ah...I agree with you. People are on another planet sometimes. Sheesh.
  3. mysteryman's Avatar
    I guess I need to write an updated piece on this subject. This law has since been over turned. A group of entertainers who could no longer work due to this law filed a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta and won.