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Strip club joke

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Bill sat down in the front row at a strip club. As soon as the first dancer walked out, the guy behind him yelled, "Yeah, baby! That's what I'm waitin' for!" Bill gave him a dirty look.

A few minutes later, the dancer removed her top. The jerk yelled again, "Yeah, baby! Shake those things!"

Bill turned around and said, "Hey, buddy. Calm down!"

A few minutes later and she was down to her G-string. "Yeah, baby! You're almost there!"

Bill angrily told the jerk, "Hey! Shut the hell up!" When she finally stretched out on the floor stark naked, the whole club went wild... except for the guy behind Bill. Curious, Bill turned around and asked, "Say, pal, where's your enthusiasm now?"

The guy responded, "All over your back!"

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  1. pixierocksonthepole's Avatar
    oh my goodness!!! lmao